Junior Support Engineer (Remote)

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About us

We are VertigoStudio, a 100% Romanian company, and our WordPress products are used by over 1 million users worldwide. We are proud of our popular WordPress themes and plugins, but we aren’t limited to that. Our projects range from publishing to domain generation and image optimization services. 

What we are looking for

We are looking for a new teammate to join us during the summer for exploring WordPress and a few products available for it. Besides that, you will also have the chance to help our customers and the community to use those products.

What we want from you:

  • You are empathic, a team player and have great communication skills.

  • You like what you are doing and try to explore the concepts to deepen your knowledge.

  • Basic understanding about HTML, CSS, JavaScript(jQuery), PHP. You are familiar with GitHub.

  • Basic experience with WordPress, any previous project with it is an advantage.

  • Good English skills, both spoken and written.


  •  Replying to the inquiries of our customers

  •  Reply on forums and Facebook to people who use our products

  •  Understanding and replicating an issue before reporting it

  •  Report bugs to our development team on GitHub

  •  Provide information about our products (pre-sales questions)

  •  Participate in the meetings with the Support Team

What do we offer:

  • A diverse and friendly work environment with 26 people scattered on 3 continents.

  • Flexible schedule with no hours over the program. Just get the job done.

  • Part-time or full-time. Up to you. 

  • Freedom to work from wherever you want. Zoom and Slack to the rescue!  

How to apply

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Before getting to know each other at the interview, we would like to see your approach to a few tasks. Please reply to the following questions as you would talk with a customer, in English.

1. Hi there,

I need a theme for my website, which one do you recommend? How much would it cost to use it for 1 website? Can you offer me a discount?

(Hint: we do not provide discounts)

2. Hi ThemeIsle, I hope that you are doing fine. I bought your plugin Feedzy RSS Feeds 10 days ago and it doesn’t work for me. I feel that I waste my time trying this product. I would like my money back.

3. Hey Themeisle, I purchased Neve Pro and can’t import the Craft beer demo, it redirects me to a page where I’m asked to pay again. Can you send me the files, please?

4. Hi there,

I’ve purchased the Feedzy plugin and articles are coming with partial content. Also, the option is locked( screenshot - ). Would you be able to help us with it?

Thank you.

5. What happens to my charts if I don’t renew the Visualizer Developer yearly subscription?

6. What’s Orbit Fox and where I can purchase it?

Please share your solution to the following tasks. Some of the questions require screenshots or a zip file to be uploaded, please sent them to us at

7. Is Optimole running on this website( How did you check it?

8. What’s the page builder behind this website( )? How did you check?

9. Go to website and change the color of the button to #f54242 ( screenshot with the button - )

The button which color you changed above has a different color when you hover your mouse over it - ( ) Find and send us the HEX color code of this color.

Also, hide this text with CSS ( ) so it doesn’t appear on the website. Send us the screenshot of the changed website and include the CSS styles that you used to make these changes.

10. Please create the following section( ) from scratch using HTML, CSS, and send us a zip file with the solution. You can use plain CSS but if you find any CSS framework helpful, feel free to use it.